In addition to education, please review the following products that are designed to help reduce hospital aquired infections and conditions.




The Arrow International Pressure Injectable Maximal Barrier Precautions Tray


According to the IHI, “… maximal barrier precautions means strict compliance with hand hygiene and wearing a cap, mask, sterile gown, and gloves. The cap should cover all hair and the mask should cover the nose and mouth tightly. These precautions are the same as for any other surgical procedure that carries a risk of infection. For the patient, applying maximal barrier precautions means covering the patient from head to toe with a sterile drape, with a small opening for the site of insertion."(1)




ARROWg+ard® Antimicrobial Technology


ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS® catheters are protected both inside and out (including extension lines and hubs). Plus, outside surfaces have three times more chlorhexidine than on our original ARROWg+ard catheters. The result: Chlorhexidine and silver sulfadiazine continuously prep the subcutaneous catheter tract and kill organisms in places that you simply can’t reach. ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS are also the only antimicrobial catheters that have catheter hub and extension line protection.(2)




Arrow® SmartSeal™ Hemostatic Peelable Dialysis Sheath


The intelligent design of the Arrow Smart Seal sheath starts with safety, specifically its unique dual hemostatic valve technology that provides greater sealing power. The dual hemostatic valves are designed to minimize the risk of air embolism, which is one of the serious preventable events that are not reimbursable by CMS after October 1, 2008.






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