This website has been created to help physicians and nurses abide by one of the fundamental tenets of medicine:
First, do no harm. Hippocrates said it 2,400 years ago, and this advice on risk reduction has never been more relevant.


Whether you’re an intensivist who depends on central venous catheters, a nurse placing PICCs or a nephrologist using acute hemodialysis catheters, has information relevant to you, such as updates on the renewed focus on patient safety in the critical care environment typified by initiatives like the 5 Million Lives Campaign and evidence that the larger the French size of a PICC, the greater the risk of thrombosis.


Safety for healthcare workers is equally compelling, and it involves a host of issues ranging from sharps safety to compliance.


With that in mind, is designed to help healthcare professionals by providing:

  • A clearinghouse for the latest unbiased, authoritative information on preventing hospital-acquired conditions.
    This includes clinical studies, relevant news stories and Mythbusters.
  • A clinical education area with rich media and podcasts to share insights and risk-reduction techniques.
  • A patient education section with high level information on hospital-acquired conditions. is only useful if it meets the needs of physicians, nurses, administrators and patients.


The 5 Million Lives Campaign is a nationwide initiative launched by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to significantly reduce morbidity and mortality in American health care.